Our Services

Leafy Green Landscaping is a full-service landscape design and installation company. We serve the landscape design and maintenance needs of both residential and commercial clients throughout Gloucester, Salem, Atlantic, Cumberland, Cape May, Ocean, Camden, Burlington Counties.

designmaintenanceLandscape Design & Maintenance
Landcaping services range from design to installation and maintenance. Our expert landscape architect can design custom outdoor spaces that will help your property to get noticed by friends, family or clients. We follow a custom design process to ensure that the end result is a unique space that you can call your own.

Our installation professionals are clean cut, kind and courteous. We use all of our own equipment and make a point of thoroughly cleaning up our work area every day before we leave the jobsite.

In order to maintain the appeal of your landscaped areas it is important to stay current with landscape maintenance. Leafy Green will create season specific maintenance schedule for your residential or commercial property. Duties involved with seasonal maintenance include: lawn maintenance, tree and bush pruning, hedge trimming, spring plantings, fall leaf cleanup, sprinkler maintenance, and snow removal.


Hardscaping is the technique of creating attractive and functional outdoor spaces using “hard” materials such as concrete, rocks, boulders, stones and engineered pavers. Hardscaping creations can include: driveways, walkways, retaining walls, decorative markers, pool areas and patios. Recent advances in technology have allowed paver manufacturers to create new lines of interlocking pager systems in a variety of colors, shapes and styles. These new paver systems are allowing us to create new hardscaping projects, never before imagined.

Hardscaping requires very little maintenance and can be expected to last for a very long time. Its longevity makes hardscaping one of the best values in home improvement today. If you are looking to add beauty and value to your home, let Leafy Green pave the way with a unique hardscaping project.


nightscapingLighting & Nightscaping
Outdoor Lighting or “Nightscaping” as it is commonly called is the process of designing and installing functional and decorative lighting on the exterior of your property. Decorative Nightscaping serves to illuminate your home’s exterior and landscaped areas during the evening hours to showcase a specific feature or planting. Functional Nightscaping serves to protect your family and guests from the slip and fall dangers created by poorly illuminated walkways and driveways. It can also be a deterrent to crime as many previously dark corners of your property are illuminated, eliminating places for burglars and other criminals to hide.

In addition to standard decorative outdoor lighting, we also manage holiday decoration for estate homes and commercial properties.



sprinklerSprinkler Systems
Did you know that sprinkler systems actually save water? It is true. Sprinkler systems take advantage of peak hours when evaporation is least likely. This minimizes the amount of watering needed to achieve a green, healthy lawn. The only way to achieve this kind of maximum saturation manually would be by setting your alarm for 3:00AM every evening and watering it yourself. Let the experts at Leafy Green put you on the path toward a greener lawn today. Our expert team will design a watering system that meets your goals and budget in the most effective way possible.

In addition to sprinkler system design and installation, we offer bi-annual scheduled seasonal maintenance and repairs if needed. Sprinkler systems require winterization in the fall. This process involves closing the system and blowing out the watering lines to prevent them from bursting when they freeze. During the spring our team can re open your system properly and set it for maximum performance.



lawnservicesLawn & Turf Maintenance
Leafy Green Landscape can assist you with all of your commercial or residintial lawn and turf maintenance. We have an expert staff that is highly experienced in grading, seeding, sodding, aerating and thatching. We also provide chemical and lime treatment for fungus, insect and weed control. We specialize in hydro-seeding. Hydro-Seeding is the process of seeding, fertilizing, mulching and watering in one quick and easy step. Hydro-Seeding is the best way to grow a new lawn.





snowremovalSnow Removal
Leafy Green manages a number of commercial clients and it is only natural that we care for their properties year round. In addition to our dedicated crew of laborers, we operate a fleet of snow pushers, plows, and salt trucks that can be ready at a moments notice. We offer annual snow maintenance contracts as well as fee-for-service appointments during major storms. It is advised that you make arrangements with us ahead of the winter weather as emergency service is on a first come first serve basis. Even when the green leaves are gone, Leafy Green is still at your disposal.